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The service that I offer is personal, friendly and professional, giving my customers a straight-forward approach to their computing requirements in the workplace or at home. In normal circumstances most problems can be solved within a few hours of you contacting me.

Computing is a varied technology and includes software and hardware, and, more recently, web-based applications. No one person can be an expert in all fields, but my experience and training have given me a wide-ranging basis to work from. Most solutions can be found quickly and smoothly. However, should the occasion arise where a specialist is needed I can give you an advisory report, and arrange for the task to be completed by a third party if required.

I also specialise in Broadband and Wireless Networks, and can assist you in connecting and securing your LAN and Internet.

Security issues are a major concern to any company, and the protection of data is paramount to all. The Data Protection Act also requires us to protect the identities of our clients, and penalties may be faced if these regulations are not complied with. I can give you back-up solutions, coupled with encryption where needed, to ensure your information is safe should your security ever be breached.

In addition, I offer maintenance or one-off inspections, making sure your computers are running trouble-free. This includes the removal of viruses, spyware and Trojans; and a hardware test to check for failing components.

I would be pleased to be of service to you in the future and hope that you will spend some time to view this site in a little more detail.