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Broadband and Wireless Routers

The fast Internet access offered today is normally straightforward to install; but to get the best from it (and to stop the worst of it from getting you) a little know-how can be very advantageous. I can help by making Broadband access fun, useful and usable, and without the worry normally associated with this technology.

I can install Broadband, either ADSL or Cable, together with a wired and/or wireless network; and I can link your computers together using strong encryption to protect yourself and your data. Wireless networks can be checked for signal strength and configured accordingly. If required, additional booster routers can be used to achieve good reception in a bad signal-dampening environment. Settings can be altered to suit each individual circumstance.

Fast Internet connections are an essential part of modern business. An efficient set-up can give you access to information quickly, enabling you to download or upload large files with ease.

E-mail can also be configured; and, so that you can stay in contact professionally, we can add the little touch of signatures etc.