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Repairs and Upgrades

If you are having problems with your PC, or want to upgrade your hardware by adding more memory or maybe a new graphics card (to play the latest games), then I have the experience and training to ensure that the work is done safely, and that the computer is configured correctly.

Itís true to say that most computer problems are software-related, and that this area is highly complicated. The right techniques are needed to ensure a speedy repair. I run checks for external infections, and then run in-depth checks into the operating system itself. With the use of proven procedures virtually all problems can be solved, providing you with the easiest and most cost-effective solution.

Backing-up data, or saving lost data, is standard procedure; and in the worst scenario we can help you migrate to a new computer, or make a fresh installation of the operating system, with the least amount of fuss possible. We can also build in Raid disk configurations to protect your data in the future.

Upgrading your PC can be a cost effective way taking advantage of new technology. Graphics cards, hard disk drives, sound cards DVD drives are the most popular.

Correct configuration of your system can greatly improve its efficiency and will speed up your computer. These tweaks can be applied to a single PC or to a whole network group.

You may wish to consider our CheckUp Service, or a maintenance contract, which will ensure that your PC has the most recent updates and protection. This can include free call-outs.