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I have, over many years of imparting computer skills, devised easy-to-learn methods. This means I can take you from new user to competent level quite quickly. Starting with the tasks you wish to accomplish, I will give you the basic skills and then build on those to suit your requirements, whether it is learning to use Microsoft Word, e-mail and Internet, or more advanced programmes.


In the fast moving world of computers, the technology gets more and more powerful every few months. Along with more rapid machines come new operating systems and application softwares. They utilize advancements, adding extra features and different interfaces, which put us, the users, on a never-ending learning curve.

To deal with this I offer an up-to-date tuition service which deals with taking new users to a set standard. I also offer group courses, where employees are introduced to a new system or user interface all together.

The full range of tuition available, encompassing learning for Management Information Systems (MIS), for Operating Systems, whole new server systems, or a database recently installed, provided by myself and linked partners, can help you and your staff become more time-efficient. This will give you more hours per week for serving your customers.